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by: Samuel Oniyide .T

It's because you are satisfied with your present condition that you don’t think of change.

If you think of and want change then you should have embarked on it. Or is it because of the risk in change that disavows you? Then you must understand and accept and be ready to take the drastic and bold step of risk in order to enjoy the benefits in a better change of your situation/conditions. Life is all about risk.


Jesus took the risk step to leave His glorious throne, came to this world of sin, born in a manger though a Spirit but lived in the mortal body that feel pains and confronted by sins, yet died on the painful cross of Calvary amidst criminals with criminal judgments, yet died without sin.


Women take the risk to conceive babies, bear it for nine months. Imagine the risk of the delivery period-push! Push! Push more! Even if the delivery time is perceivable yet experiences show that the exact time varies.

Once upon a time a banker gave birth on a commercial bus. Once upon a time, my brother (Medical Doctor) delivered a pregnant woman in a car while rushing to the hospital for delivery, by the special grace of God. In fact how I wished you witness the scenario of carrying a baby of few minutes old with hands from a car walking majestically to the hospital building late last year. Life is full of risk! Take it, take on change.

Nothing is constant in life except change. The inevitability of change is undeniable.


America used to suffer a great depression of economy like Nigeria around 1930s when an ordinary American person were selling their properties by the road sides just to survive a living, not until when Franklin Roosevelt Delano (FRD) assumed power as the President and embarked on a massive change using Financial Corporation as an economy stabilizer to transform the nation. Today America is a sort after nation. You too can enjoy America life though a Nigerian if only you will imbibe positive change. The American soldier slogan: “the difficult we do immediately, the impossible we do a little while”.


For you to change positively you need to pay a price.


We Lagosians paid prices to aid Mr. Babatunde Fashola-The Executive Governor of Lagos State and his positive change in our State. You want to change your conditions positively then you need to reason and follow suit the mentality of the radicalists.

If you listened to Sanusi Lamido (The Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria) last night-16/04/2011 on T.V you would realize that to cause a change we have to be radical most times. According to the economists, radicalists are those set of people that believe in positive change. Their mentality is normative as well. Being normative is being all about standard. Setting of standard and not going any bit lower than it.



In philosophy, normative statements affirm how things should or ought to be, how to value them, which things are good or bad, which actions are right or wrong. Normative is usually contrasted with positive (i.e. descriptive, explanatory, or constative) when describing types of theories, beliefs, or propositions. Positive statements are factual statements that attempt to describe reality.

These kinds of people are never satisfied with their low-level life. They are unpleasant with demeaning, derogatory situations/average life. They are aroused always for change. Not only for themselves but also for their fellow. They are ready to give their lifes if it will cause a positive change. They don’t look like you look that is why they don’t but always see positivity at the end of the road.  At the end of every road there is a tunnel.


 According to Author:  Eric Foner :

Radicalism--political and social movements and ideologies that aim at fundamental change in the structure of society--has been a persistent feature of U.S. history. Radical movements have challenged Americans to live up to their professed ideals and have developed penetrating critiques of social and economic inequality.

Two distinct, although often overlapping, radical traditions have coexisted in America. Some radical movements accept the society's prevailing emphasis on the ideal of the "free individual" (often linked with ownership of property as the guarantor of personal autonomy) and seek to eliminate obstacles to its fulfillment or extend it to excluded groups. Much of nineteenth-century labor radicalism fitted this pattern, as have many expressions of feminism and black radicalism. Other movements, based on a collectivist outlook, reject individualist values and see private property as an obstacle to genuine freedom. Various socialist and communitarian movements have exemplified this type.

Traditions transplanted from Europe helped shape radicalism in colonial America. The concept of the "freeborn Englishman" postulated that government did not possess the right to interfere with basic individual liberties and justified resistance to overbearing authorities. The tradition of "moral economy" asserted that government had a responsibility to protect the basic well-being of all citizens. According to this view, economic life should be governed by the non-economic consideration of equity rather than the vagaries of the free market. In addition, the religious revivalism of the Great Awakening in the 1740s stimulated the idea that devout men and women should strive to purge a corrupt society of sin. Although not necessarily linked to any specific political program, this sensibility fostered the notion that American society was in need of fundamental change.

These customary values and popular traditions helped produce and legitimize the colonial resistance to British rule that culminated in the American Revolution. And during the Revolution, along with other political and social ideas, they were absorbed into the comprehensive ideology of republicanism that came to dominate American political culture. In republican thought, stable democratic government rested on a citizenry possessing political "virtue"--that is, the ability to place the good of society above selfish concerns. This quality stemmed from "independence," especially that economic self-reliance that derived from ownership of productive property.

As the nation entered the 1990s, there were many radical organizations and issues, but no coherent radical outlook or movement to serve as a focal point for demands for far-reaching change, like abolitionism in the nineteenth century and socialism and communism in the twentieth. One thing, however, seemed certain. Every generation of Americans since the Revolution has seen the emergence of one kind of radical movement or another and the future is not likely to be different... Eric Foner


Common! Launch out and take that risk of change if you must change your condition(s)

Martin Luther King Jr. was such a leader. What he saw at the end of the road (I HAVE A DREAM) is what Americans perhaps the world benefit from today. His father was such a radical monk. Today Roman Catholic enjoys his positive change. He paid for it anyway. He was imprisoned though his thoughts and actions was for their positive change. There in the prison he imprinted his thoughts on paper for positivity which became relevant even till now in German literature. Mandela also paid dearly for radically changing lives for better. M.K.O Abiola is no more because of the men of underworld. We hope for a successful radicalism that may not lead to death even if it is hardly possible. Satan is only appeased by his cohorts but you wouldn’t appease him anyway. You had better exorcise him and his cohorts with seriousness. Your situation is vexing you, and then be radical with change. Be serious with your life!

To be precise, to cause a positive change, you must:

Identify the reasons for change,calculate the risks ad factors from the beginning to the end. (positive and calculated risk) also the negative ones,be equipped with the technicalities and other relevancies,be willing and ready for it,expect persecutions (2nd Tim 3:12, 2:12),observe criticism as though you don’t but take cognizance of the beneficials amongst them. (Criticism are sometimes like mirror that doesn’t show only expected beauty but also your scars, pimples, irritations, e.t.c.),be truthful and be faithful they will help you when you are tight with counterparts. He who stand tall will walk tall. The way and on what you stand matter and pay off at the due time,change your friends. Hindrances of change come from friends as though good success. Friends that waste your time will not allow you to spend your time for positive change because change is achievable with time. The good ones aid your good success. Some aren’t bad but not relevant to a particular change,change your life-style, thinking, timing, daily activities, dressing, your carriage, level of education,concentrate and be focus, be consistent and persistent, persevere and hope in hope,expect your right as you fight for it. It is your right to fight for your right. When you are striving for positive change you are definitely fighting for your right and the right of your fellow/followers,never you bear and convey the mentality of routinely process in the process of your change. “That is how they’ve been doing it” can kill a fresh idea/vision no matter its positive potential. For every new idea, there are new process though might not be wholly. Human behaviour need and must be coordinated, controlled and directed if he wants changes.                                   For instance-The new electoral act/ system of operation in Nigeria brought about new process in the election exercise 2011, though not wholly but positively: -       10 fingers scanning in registration in order to cut across double entry and other kinds of forgery,

-       New software for registration. Each system installed with the system software respectively designed for the programme, registered for a particular polling unit that cannot be used for another unit even if the unit is a house farrer from each other, talk alone another Ward, Local Govt. Area, or States,

-       Review of voters register incase of any correctible errors or objection right there at the respective registration unit some weeks after the registration,

-       Twice accreditation for proper assurance for voting and clarification on the day of voting, after which you are counted by head for the voting. No accreditation no counting, no counting no second accreditation, no second accreditation no voting. All timed nationally except the closing time for voting itself,

-       The sorting, counting and announcing of ballot at the voting station immediately after the voting has never happened before,

-       Issuance of duplicate of the result to the party agents, security agents, by the presiding officer at the polling station has never happened before. Also, the posting of the results at the polling station for public view and transparency. The parties/candidates can easily summarize their total results in a Ward, Local Govt. Area, States themselves in order to aggregate, correlate and ascertain the INEC announcement of the final result (Transparency/true-process),

-       All of these and lots more experienced in the election exercise has never happened before. New idea, new act, new process-all make new leadership not the appointed person. The good personality of the leader is showcased only if he/she abides by the true overall-system of operation/structure. A tree does not make a forest. No one is a highlander. From these experience, you can acquire a knowledge that you need to re-strategies for changes,

Re-strategising in order to achieve and enjoy a positive change, you have to re-strategise new process. Stop the old one, think of imbibing a new one, how it will make relevant and positive changes. How to do it better. Don’t just keep doing things the way you’ve been doing it. Stop wasting time! Pause and rethink, relaunch. That is the attitude of a product-maker that achieve higher market share in the entire market. New design, new packaging, changes in the content if need be, probably new pricing, new advert, new management skills. That is why the corporate organizations learn more about their functions in order to achieve and maintain productivity and be relevant in the market. The management skills will enhance internal productivity of the workers variably making them to survive the external factors as an organization. The staff too are trained timely for update on their operational functions to meet the predetermined organizational target, generally meeting the market trend. Learn these if you want to change your condition/situation.

So many people have been crying for change for years not knowing that all they need do is to change the way of their lifes and they will start laughing. Many people today ought to have achieved the dream of which they have been crying for for donkey years. Some think in twenty years they may achieve it. Success is not by ‘may’ but by the power of ‘will’, ‘can’. They don’t even know that if they can sit back and map out new scope, the cost may change, the time may also be affected. The twenty years might be reduced to five years. Some wanted to embark on a million project but waiting till they get the million naira cash. Some are saving but not realized that this same project is started by some people with five hundred thousand naira and ended with a million naira or thereabouts. All they need to do is to get informed on how to start such project with what they have. ‘Start with what you have’…(John L. Mason) alternatively if the scope changes, the cost and time may not change but mind you, how would you realize the changes if you don’t re-strategise.

You just have to change. It doesn’t matter if Nigeria is not changing. It doesn’t matter if Nigeria is a developing nation, you can live a developed life right herein Nigeria. Stop thinking like a developing Nigeria, starts thinking like a developed America, Britain, e.t.c That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t observe the value of Nigeria but don’t allow her snail-like, corrupt, non-challant, selfish, inferiority complexity, self-enslaving and the so-called devaluability of her core values and uniqueness as a so-called giant of Africa to victimise you. Not that a country is resourceful but how they administer their resources matter.

Your resources does not determine your success but your capability to transform the resources to success,

That you have a resource/asset doesn’t mean that you enjoy like a successful person. Just like Nigeria, upon all her natural resources, imagine how her people suffer the same resource. “the children of a mason have no meat to eat”…Nigerian Adache.

To enjoy petroleum products, the crude oil has to be fractionally distilled. The crude oil is the resource while the petroleum products are the success and the fractional distillation is the transformation. The capability to transform this crude oil is one of the major problems/challenges Nigeria macro economy suffers which affect indirectly her micros. That is why we still have to buy the end-products of our resources from a neighborhood country who has little of it resources. In fact they now have its end-products in reserve than us the giant owner of it crudeness. Where are we coming from, where are we and where are we going to? Ask yourself, where am I, where am I from and where do I want to be or ought to be in the next five years? Start re-strategising if you want positive change. I imagine when Nigerians we begin to purchase petrol as cheap as matches park, I imagine when the white will voluntarily come to Nigeria to work in our companies and be paid as though a casual worker is paid. They come to work in our country as experts, consultants and paid hugely. We lobby to their countries to work as a peasant, meager labourers and paid little but much in our currency. All these mentalities are inevitable to think about if you want to change your life.

Am boiling within, I feel not dropping my pen because am aroused like a radicalist, but can’t do without mentioning the most important being who has confined my movement on this seat that I must make this mysterious but realistic truth known to you that you must know God (the giver of life and my source of inspiration) and not god.

“but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits”

…(Daniel 11:32b).            

Anybody that tells you that you don’t need Jesus to change your life will end up/sum his pseudo- teachings with facts that change and not truth that changes not.                                                                         

Jesus is the way, truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through Him…(John 14:6)

Samuel Oniyide .T





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